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Epi-Pet is the Only cosmetic company ever to received an approval from the APA. The APA does not usually test chemicals or liquids but an exception was made for this outstanding product. This approval is based on the word of the manufacture and real world testing. Consumers are urged to leave feedback as well so the approval can be ongoing.

      Vet Information

Quote Hello. I used the Epi-Pet that I purchased at the Pet Pro Classic for the first time today (10/21/08), on two yorkies and on a Jack Russell Mix. I really like it. I like the way it is applied, how it rinses and how it leaves the coat... So far so good. That your for your information this last week and I look forward to the seminar in Austin"
Comment Roger Wiseman
Quote We are getting the results that we were told we would get! Other products have worked initially and due to lack of owner participation no longer were the answer. 10 weeks and still proving to be the best solution to A Work of Art's itching, shedding, smelly pets. The normal ones are benefiting from our shampoo and conditioning changes. The bather isn't complaining about hands that are over-medicated by the stripping effects the vet recommended treatments offer. We are so glad we chose to participate in the seminar offered by Epi-Pet and hope for continued excellent service of their staff."
Comment Debbie Tanyer
Groomer/ Owner/ Seminar Attendee - A Work of Art Pet Studio, Lakeland Fl.
Comment Jill Van Dam
The Dog House - Ft. Myers, Florida
Quote This is a great product! The scent is just right! Thanks so much!"
Comment Jan Calvert
Pet Owner, Mount Joy, PA
Quote After using the Epi-Pet Cleansing Agent Shampoo, I noticed that it lathers nicely and washes out easily. My dog "Pepper" smells great after his bath and I use very little of the shampoo."
Comment Lisa Kirkland
Dog owner
Quote I began dispensing Epi-Pet in my practice last year. Personally I liked the brush. After a few weeks I discovered my clients were falling in love with the multifunctional enrichment spray. The Epi-Pet treatment has helped my clients with their pet's skin and hair coat problems. Now I carry the Epi-Pet Shampoo which I am dispensing regularly as well."
Comment Dr. Nancy Gerhardt
Quote I have owned Dobermans a long time and I used to show "Bonnie" as a puppy. I had to stop showing her because she would break out in hives which would lead to a secondary condition where she would flake all over. Now after using following the Epi-Pet treatment we have gotten rid of shots and her skin and hair coat is healthy, shinny and glowing."
Comment Barbara Kups
Owner of Dobermans
Quote When the skin problems pop up on my dog "Charlie", he starts licking and chewing and then his skin gets sores and the sores get infected. Consequently we have to treat him with antibiotics. The Epi-Pet brush and spray skin treatment keeps the skin healthy and acts as a preventive to other more serious skin conditions that "Charlie" is prone to get."
Comment Judy Rogers
Dog owner
Quote I have started to incorporate Epi-Pet into my grooming business. So many of my clients' dogs have skin problems. I am so happy to finally be able to offer them an effective solution to these common complaints. The Shampoo is great and I even offer a skin treatment service as a small add on to the overall groom. Epi-Pet has been good for my customers, their pets and my business."
Comment Beth
Mobile Groomer, NC
Quote No more hair-balls. Hair-balls have always been a problem before I started following the Epi-Pet treatment. The spray-on and brush-in treatment application has eliminated the hair balls for good in all my cats."
Comment Max Cheaves
Owner of nine cats
Quote I used the Epi-Pet treatment on one of my grooming clients (a Shar -Pei) that had lost all of it hair, and within 20 days she was back into a full coat thanks to Epi-Pet. I now retail the Epi-Pet product line in my grooming shop."
Comment Opal Michaels
Dog Grooming, KS
Quote 90% reduction in shedding! What a miracle! I use the whole product line of Epi-Pet treatment on my K-9 units. Their skin and hair coat has never looked better. People are always commenting on how good they look and how nice their coats are when I'm out doing demonstrations. With Epi-Pet it makes it much easier to maintain 9 dogs."
Comment Ina Herbert
K-9 Handler/Trainer, MI
Quote 2 of 3 dogs stop shedding completely, the 3rd showed a 90% reduction in shedding. Their dry skin cleared up since they have been on the Epi-Pet Treatment program. I love it; they no longer have that "doggie" smell to them. As a groomer and trainer I have incorporated into my businesses. I feel Every pet should be on this program."
Comment Lisa Drake
Professional Dog Groomer,AceK-9 Trainer/Handler, FL
Quote My three year old spayed female Doberman Diva has been on Epi- Pet spray for a year. I religiously apply the product to Diva on an almost daily basis. She had very dry and scaly skin and her hair coat was brittle before I initiated the treatment. Within two weeks the skin was moist, the scaly scabs had disappeared and her hair coat was shinny and soft to the touch. Also shedding has virtually disappeared. If I forget to treat her for a few days the old skin conditions return and the shedding becomes awful. I love Epi-Pet and would recommend the product every Doberman."
Comment Penny Johnson
Florida pet owner
Quote Bubba is my 13 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever who has had skin problems all his life. A number of treatments including food allergy studies, shampoo therapy and cortisone injections were given to control the hot spots, hair loss and itching. Nothing was totally successful but eventually periodic cortisone injections were the only thing that worked----until we tried the Epi-pet spray treatment on a daily basis. Hair coat has been maintained, shedding is reduced significantly, there is no more bad odor, he has luster in the coat and hot spots rarely appear."
Comment Barb Stevens
Pet Owner, Florida
Quote My Bull Mastiff has been on a combination of prednisone and antibiotics for a long time for allergies. The prednisone was causing her to have incontinence. I started using Epi-Pet's Cedar Enrichment Spray 3 months ago on her. Since then she has been on Epi-pet I have been able to stop all other medications and I have my Girl back again Thanks to Epi-Pet!"
Comment Kathy Millikin
Pet Owner, Florida
Quote I was skeptical about the quarter size dollop of shampoo prescribed, especially on my heavily coated sheltie. I really didn't need much more to feel it working into the coat. It washed out really easily and the coat "squeaked". Finally, it didn't take her coat as long to dry as it usually does."
Comment Shannon Powell
Professional Groomer, South Carolina
Quote Thanks for the products……my cocker's tchy skin, they DO help her smell good and she loves the brushing. The sweet scent is enough to keep me using the products!"
Comment Marilyn Iturri
Pet owner, California
Quote I really liked how well it cleaned their coats and gave a nice finish to the work with. I have never seen a coat so clean with a small amount of shampoo. I have been using the spray on my own dog, it happens that she developed itching from a new dog food and the enrichment spray has helped her recover and keep her from getting more. I really like the scent as well. Very nice scent not overwhelming."
Comment Monika Jewidowicz
Professional Groomer, New York
Quote My dog "Pixie" used to have fleas all the time. Since I started using the Epi-Pet Skin Enrichment Spray, there are now no fleas"
Comment Mr. Van O'Quinn
Dog owner, Bradenton, FL