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Epi-Pet is the Only cosmetic company ever to received an approval from the APA. The APA does not usually test chemicals or liquids but an exception was made for this outstanding product. This approval is based on the word of the manufacture and real world testing. Consumers are urged to leave feedback as well so the approval can be ongoing.

      Vet Information

Grooming Retail Support

Here at Epi-Pet, we are not only a skin care company, we are an educational company as well. We are always looking for ways to help you! So, here are some suggestions on how to retail your clients the Epi-Pet product line, and to improve the health of their skin.

These suggestions came from actual groomers that use the Epi-Pet product line in their grooming business.

  • One groomer mails out our marketing materials to her clientele so that the next time the client comes in, they are fully aware of what products the groomer will be using. Now because the client is aware of the products, the groomer finds it easier to sell the products to the pet owner.
  • Another groomer tells her customers that the first time they use the Epi-Pet Skin Treatment Sprays as a "Spa Add-One" it is complimentary. In the future then, treatments will be an additional charge. Then, from the client seeing and feeling the difference the groomer can both add that service and a fee to each groom of that pet in the future and dispense the Epi-Pet product at the same time.
  • Click Here to read the tips and tricks of the Epi-Pet products
We give a seminar on "Spa-Add ons", If you would like a sample menu board or a sample check-in check out sheet pleaseemail us! We will be happy to email you a copy of our handout.

New counter top display
This image is also on the floor display.
Also, Epi-Pet is now offering floor displays!

These floor displays will hold (in any combination):

  • 12-24 16oz. Skin Enrichment Sprays
  • 12-24 3oz . Skin Enrichment Sprays
  • 12-24 4oz. Sun Protector Sunscreen Sprays
  • 10-24 8oz. Cleansing Agent Shampoos
  • 12-24 16oz. Cleansing Agent Shampoos
  • 16-20 4oz. Epi-Pet Ear Cleaners
  • 16-20 16oz. Epi-Pet Ear Cleaners
  • 1 Full Marketing Kit which includes
    • 3 posters
    • flip cards of each of the products
    • brochures
    • Grooming Information Packet
    • 2 sided Ear Diagram for educating clients
This is about $500.00-$550.00 worth of product. You also receive
a 10% discount if you purchase a stocked floor display.
    You can have your clients email us pictures for our Epi-Pet's Pets page at