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Epi-Pet is the Only cosmetic company ever to received an approval from the APA. The APA does not usually test chemicals or liquids but an exception was made for this outstanding product. This approval is based on the word of the manufacture and real world testing. Consumers are urged to leave feedback as well so the approval can be ongoing.

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Epi-Pet Groomer Support

Epi-Pet offers a variety of products that can help the professional groomer provide a complete and healthy groom and promote overall health for their clients’ pets. The Epi-Pet Shampoo is multifunctional and promotes a healthy skin and hair coat. This light lathering shampoo naturally cleanses, conditions, moisturizes, enriches and refreshes the skin and hair coat leaving your clients’ pets looking healthy, shiny and clean, feeling soft and smelling fresh. Use the Epi-Pet Shampoo on all healthy pets and on pets with dry, flaky, itchy, oily and smelly skin and hair coats. The Epi-Pet Ear Cleaner cleanses, enriches and refreshes the ear by gently removing dirt, grime and wax, adding healthy ingredients to the skin of the ear and providing a fresh lavender scent in and around the ear. The Epi-Pet Skin & Coat Enrichment Sprays are nice finishing products in the groom promoting a healthy, great looking, clean and fresh smelling pet. This product may also be considered a retail product for your clients who have pets with reoccuring dry, flaky, itchy, oily and smelly skin problems. The Epi-Pet Sun Protector Sunscreen for dogs (not for cats) is specially formulated to protect the pet from harmful UVA/UVB rays which cause burning and cancers on the skin. The Epi-Pet Sun Protector Sunscreen may also be considered a retail product particularly for those pets that have been “shaved down” and left vulnerable to the damaging sun rays. The Epi-Pet Omega 3-6-9 Whole Fish Treat/Supplements are a nutritional product that your clients might appreciate having available for them to purchase in your shop. This all natural product promotes a healthy skin and hair coat along with healthy bones, joints, heart, brain, and other organs of the pet. The Epi-Pet products help the professional groomer to provide a complete and healthy groom and promote overall health for their clients' pets.


Dr. Fleck's Series of Seminars on the topic, "Pet Skin Treatment and the Groomer"


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In the past, Epi-Pet has sponsored and presented independent seminars for pet groomers across the country on the topic, "How to Make Bad Skin and Hair Coats Good." At these seminars groomers were asked to fill out a small personal survey about their businesses. Though some time has passed since these surveys were collected you might find the information in them interesting and helpful if not still relevant. Click on the city below to view the corresponding survey that was collected there. 



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