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Epi-Pet is the Only cosmetic company ever to received an approval from the APA. The APA does not usually test chemicals or liquids but an exception was made for this outstanding product. This approval is based on the word of the manufacture and real world testing. Consumers are urged to leave feedback as well so the approval can be ongoing.

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Before & After Pictures

Shiz Tzu before tear stains are removed Shiz Tzu After Tear Stains are removed with Epi-Pet Ear Cleaner
National Ch. Cat uses Epi-Pet Cat with flaky coat before Epi-Pet
Cat after 1 application of Skin Enrichment spray Scout after being groomed
with Epi-Pet products
Scout Before being groomed
with Epi-Pet products
Shayna the Epi-Pet model at Super Zoo 2011 in Las Vegas
Chuckie before Epi-Pet

Chuckie After groomingwith Epi-Pet
Duke, starting the Epi-Pet treatment 3-5 times daily
as an adjunct treatment with Demodex Mange
Duke, 2 weeks later; much happier, not itching,
hair re-growth, no shedding,& smells better
per owners statement
Chelsea was brought in for a grooming and
the groomer found these inflamed areas with hair loss.
Only the Epi-Pet Shampoo was used on her.
Chelsea, after 1 bath in the Epi-Pet shampoo.
The redness, flakiness, and itchiness dimin-ished.
The owner loved the condition of the skin & coat.
Beta had Alopecia (hair loss) for over 2 years.
She has no history as to what may have cause this.
She was a shelter dog.
Beta, 1 month on the Epi-pet Enrich-ment spray.
She re-grew all of her hair coat back.
Her owner stated that her coat was softer,
smelled better, and wasn't shedding!
Scout has severe dry, flaky skin with itching.
Scout was brought in for grooming and the white
flakes the owner saw on the black hair coat gave him a gray appearance.
Scout, after 1 bath in the Epi-pet shampoo andone
treatment of the Epi-pet enrichment spray.
The owner stated that he could not believe
it was the same dog. His coat glistened!
Molly, on day one has combination dry flaky and oily skin. Molly, one week later has a noticebly softer coat and little to no dander
Tabby, also has combination dry, flaky and oily skin. She also had patches of hair loss Tabby, just a day later has a completely different coat.
Tess, a Shar Pei, has combination dry & oily skin. She also had extreme hair loss and skin irritations and skin inflammation. Tess, just a few days later, and the skin irritaions and swelling had gone down.
Shayna on "TheBalancing Act" on The LifetimeChannel Jewels is learning to be the new Epi-Pet model, She Loves IT!

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