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Epi-Pet is the Only cosmetic company ever to received an approval from the APA. The APA does not usually test chemicals or liquids but an exception was made for this outstanding product. This approval is based on the word of the manufacture and real world testing. Consumers are urged to leave feedback as well so the approval can be ongoing.

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According to the APA, Epi-Pet has developed the highest performance dermatological products along with the purest and most effective Omega-3-6-9 Essential Fatty Acid Oral Supplement. Under his direction, Dr Michael C Fleck DVM, MA assembled the most experienced and talented chemists to develop skin products and create the astounding Epi-Pet topical product line.

Creation of the Omega-3-6-9 whole smoked fish product followed a different route. Epi-Pet takes great pride in offering the unique and artisan prepared Omega-3 delicacy originating from the riches of the sea. With folklore reputation, fishermen from centuries old villages on the Gulf of Mexico shared their culturally protected secrets of preparing smoked fish. Observation of seemingly ageless and supremely healthy pets is testimony to the value for those who consume the artisan prepared Omega fish as part of their regular diet. They exhibit strength from skin to heart, from joints to nerves to general well being.

All topical Epi-Pet products and their raw materials are sourced and manufactured in the USA. The anchovy minnows, exclusive source of the Omega-3 fish product, are all “wild fished” off the Florida Gulf coast and are processed in Florida.

Dr Fleck is a small animal veterinary practitioner with 40 years of experience with special emphasis in skin care. He is an international speaker for skin and public health issues. Dr Fleck is also the co-host of “The Pet Buzz,” a national syndicated weekly radio show with host Petrendologist Charlotte Reed.